Goodship is a veteran of the VPC, Anti Sloth and known for her tactful means of dealing with conflict as well as taking up the mantle of leadership following Magnafire stepping down

Name Goodship (Goody)
Age 25
Gender Female
Date Joined Neopets 2005
Known for Becoming leader of The Resq Rangers/Armed Anti-Sloth Union following Magnafire stepping down, and her rivalry with Caesar in 2005.

Biography Edit

She would join in 2005, and become part of the Anti-Sloth community, joining the NFG. She had many run ins with another notorious minion Caesar who through means of war won guilds off those he beat.

She aided Charm's takeover of one of these guilds, under a spy account in order to stop Caesar.

Later she would leave the NFG and return some after to join the Armed Anti Sloth Union. During this time she would rise to be on Magnafires council.

By 2009, Magna had decided to stepdown and following elections, Goodship would be elected leader.

Whereas Magna was weighted more towards war, Goodship changed the Guild's approach, leading to less escalation of conflict. However, this did not stop the AASU and Order having many disagreements. In the end relations between both guilds would remain sour, leading to Wiz and the Order leaving Vpc.

She, Magna and Flamechampion would leave Neopets and return intermittently trying to resurrect an ailing guild.

Presently Goodship and Magnafire are part of the Virtupet Legacy. A guild dedicated to preserving the past.

Trivia Edit

  • she reasoned with her opposition instead of resorting to war.
  • She led the AASU through one of its most peaceful periods
  • Has also played the role of the minion with the account - Sam___Iam