The following page is for information regarding the VPCer Magnafire19.

History Edit

Name Magnafire19/Magna
Age 19 (Join age - 12)
Gender Male
Date Joined Neopets 12th June 2007
Known for The founding of The Resq Rangers/Armed Anti-Sloth Union

Biography Edit

Joining the VPC, prior to the RoDS (Return of Doctor Sloth plot) Magnafire19 was to put it simply, a newbie. Initially, unsure of how to approach the board, he noted the large amount of boards seemingly in support of Minions. His first thread, 'There's an awful lot of evil around here' set the ball roling. It is here, he met Phear_35 and Sorakey. Two people who would become good friends in the days to come. Magnafire eventually created the Resq Rangers HQ, inspired by Phear's signature. She agreed to join, and become his official second in command with Sorakey being third in command.

Magnafire became an active poster on a particular thread involving members of the Confederacy of the Separation of Neopia (CSN) and Empire of Eternal Darkness (EED). He exchanged numerous neomails with the General, who attempted to encourage surrender. But the Magnan did not budge.

The Magnan was an advocate of peace on the VPC, however he did enjoy the entertainment that war brought.

Trivia Edit

The Magnan had many accounts that he used to either run lower guilds in the AASU hierarchy or placed them in allied guilds. He also had his far share of spy accounts and even the alter ego Maelstrom19. His attempt to bring entertainment back to the VPC.

The Spy Accounts/Alter egos

  • Darklord66
  • Shadowlord66
  • Maelstrom19
  • Flamemaster
  • Magnas19
  • He was never frozen, an achievement considering how many accounts got frozen in the VPCs history.