The VPC and Impersonators Edit

Nero arrived, during a time when the Armed Anti-Sloth Union in particular had rivalry with the Commonwealth and Caesar. It seems fitting that these names were used, one due to their historical ties, and the fact that Nero himself was a tricky man to predict. The Neropian//Corrupted//Empire for example worked well as a trap guild, in order for Nero to operate without fear of infiltration in future guilds. One such alias for Nero was possibly caeser_is_back_.

The Empire/ FOES Edit

The Neropian//Corrupted//Empire or Foes as it later became was at first a trap guild aimed at luring both Commonwealth and AASU spy networks. It was successful for the most part. The name would then change to the FOEs and in August of 2008, Nero threatened war. Only to post on the boards that he had killed himself with gasoline.

The Foes Return Edit

It wasn't before Nero came back, and resurrected the FOEs. He and former AASUer Soccerguy, went to war with the AASU. Being that Soccerguy was the only real battledomer, Magna defeated him without much issue. Nero later left, and Blackice took the reigns. She handed power to a AASU spy, and the Foes was defeated once again. Nero would then form the Foes III, however it's unknown what happened as it too fell into inactivity. The FOES III had become the Foes Revolution following the Blackice takeover.

The Confederacy Edit

In 2009, the Virtupets Union was formed, and in response to this, the Confederacy would rise to challenge it. In the confusion of the collapse of the Union, the Con would be taken over by the Ministry of Evil.

Biography Edit

Nero, was a dedicated AASU rival, although it's unknown if is somehow tied to past conflicts, or was in fact a returning Caesar. Either way, he proved tricky to take down, constantly bouncing back when his guilds fell. He would disappear after the demise of the Con.

Trivia Edit