History Edit

Name _Phear_35/Skynix/Phear
Age 21 (14 when she first joined)
Gender Female
Date Joined Neopets March 10, 2007
Known for The founding of The Resq Rangers/Armed Anti-Sloth Union along with user Magnafire19 (Magna)

Phear was an Anti-Sloth, and played a major role in the Resq Rangers wars with The Confederacy of the Separation from Neopia (CSN) and The Darkness Minions/Dark Corporation. She was active participant on the VPC, and held the second in command spot in the Resq Rangers HQ from 2007/8. If not for her signature, the Resq Rangers HQ would never have come to be.

Trivia Edit

  • Phear and Magnafire regularly battled eachother, Magna used Magnasflame, and Phear used Kay_20_1. This built up towards regular battledome tournments involving other members of the guild. E.g Flamechampion93
  • Her signature was the inspiration to create the Resq Rangers guild, and despite already being in a guild, she agreed to join with Magna.