Name The Confederacy of the Separation from Neopia
Founded 2007 (Fell December 7 2007)
Founder Evilgeneralgrievious
  • Evilgeneralgrievious (2007)
Allegiance Minion

The War with the Resq Rangers, Fall and Resurgence Edit

The CSN was originally a strong power on the VPC, whilst not at the level of the NFG/USL it still had a presence. It held an allegiance with the Empire of Eternal Darkness. Together they waged a war on the Resq Rangers. The turning point, was the NFG intervention that nearly left the guild completely dead with 20 members dropping down to two. The Guild's fate would be sealed when the the General and xx_courtdancer_xx became inactive. By the time, it gained a third leader, the CSN did not recover. Its death on December 7 2007.