Name The Darkness Minions/ Dark Corporation
Founded Darkness Minions - Late 2007

The Dark Corporation - February 2008

Founder Aaalllzzz
  • Aaalllzzz (2008-2013)
Allegiance Minion

The Darkness Minions and Liz Edit

The Darkness Minions came first, and had a temporarily aligment with the Liz, when that guild was at war with the Resq Rangers HQ. When Liz deleted the guild, the Darkness Minions fell with it.

The Return of Doctor Sloth and The Rise of the Dark Corporation Edit

United Minion Alliance
Founded When Wiz joined the Dark Corporation
Founder(s) Wiz
Guilds The Dark Corporation,

Empire of Eternal Darkness,

Fight Club

On 29th January 2008, Dr Frank Sloth returned in the Return of Doctor Sloth Plot (RoDS). The timing of this, along with the formation of DC, proved pivotal in turning the Dark Corporation as a guild into one of the VPC's major powers. When Wiz joined as a HDL spy, he successfully gained the trust of Alz by forming the United Minion Alliance. But before Wiz could deal any damage, he was discovered by Neofiretamer who told Alz. Wiz spammed and wrecked the layout. But it did not destroy the Dark Corp.

When the Dark Corp came back stronger, it took down the HDL, forcing it to surrender. The only guild to survive in the long run was the Resq Rangers who later become the Armed Anti-Sloth Union.

The Virtupet Union Edit

In later half of 2008, the Virtupets Union was formed, and had Alz as its king, and Crystal as the Queen. King Alz for the most part dealt with the hit and run tactics of the Con, whilst the AASU and MoE fought them more directly. Even so, the Union in general was fractured one, with the AASU and MoE breaking away to create the Virtupets Alliance, it's three main figures being (Magna, Flame, and King Ash). During this time, an unknown user had disabled the AASU briefly. And the Virtupet Alliance essentially eliminated The Confederacy,

On 17th January 2009, Queen Crystal and her close friend Lolli announced they would be leaving the VPC for good. The USL collapsed, and the NFG and DC lost a significant amount of their members. Neither regained their true power from years earlier. Only the AASU who had also been affected, resurged to remain active and more or less in control of a chaotic VPC. It was during this time that Ash declared himself as ruler. However, the AASU was not strong enough to fight back if opposition to this new ruler ever arose.

A meeting would be scheduled following the DC,NFG and AASU regaining contact. The decision would be to disband the Virtupets Union. Furthermore, at some point prior or during this point, Alz had deactivated his account.

Present Times Edit

At the around the same time as the NFG, possibly around 2010/11. The Dark Corp ceased activity altogether. It's presence as a guild is unknown now due to a general rise of inactivity at this time.

Trivia Edit

  • The Dark Corporation would be six years old, if it were still active
  • It's possible that it's downfall relates to around the time that Alz became inactive
  • It was a significant part of the RoDS plot in 2008, and gained a massive amount of members. Enough to cement its position as a VPC major power.