in 2007/2008, the VPC was very active, especially when the Return of Doctor Sloth Plot came in the beginning of 2008. This year would see the rise of two guild in particular. They are the Resq Rangers Hq and Dark Corporation. In the early months of 2007, when Egonboy was still active. He had the previous year fractured the alliance between Omega and Francis. This left him significantly more powerful, considering he and his friends were the original VPCers. He would leave later on 07 and Trauwyn would take over from him.

The Beginning of 2007 Edit

The Rise of Minions Edit

In 2007 and going into 2008, minions rose to dominance. They were significant before. But the arrival of a new sloth plot, saw activity bloom. This year so the arrival of the Resq Rangers HQ, and its war with the Confederacy of the Separation of Neopia. The CSN would end up falling apart, and in its wake rose the Dark Corporation. Boosted by the plot, DC would become a significant power on the VPC in the later years. An alliance of guilds also existed, orchestrated by HDL spy Wiz. they were the United Minion Alliance. Even so, the other two guilds Empire of Eternal Darkness and Fight Club would later falter. Even so, despite Wiz's attempt to destroy the Dark Corp. Its resurgence would lead to the Resq Rangers Hqs first defeat, and the beginning of the end for the HDL.

In the end, the plot was a key factor to the Dark Corps' rise. On that note, the United Sloth Loyalists did not directly intervene in both conflicts. Partly due to a friendship that existed between HQ member Flame, and Wiz.

An Anti in a Minion's World Edit