The following The VPC Timeline from, 2001 - 2014 (the dates will become more specific overtime)

The Discovery of the VPC


  • Egonboy, and other battledomers discover the Virtupet Chat Board, and use it as an extension of the Battledome chat. Essentially they are the first VPCers. Other notable Vpcers that came with him were, Slinky, and Trauwyn.

The First VPC Struggle


  • The Grey Menace, Summersands are two enemies defeated by VPCers at this time.
  • A user creates the 'N00b List' much to the annoyance of another user called EntertheBattledome who threatened to reveal the VPC to the rest of Neopets if the list wasn't removed. The user offline, does eventually remove the list but too late, ETB had already invited people he knew to spam the board.
  • The VPC goes public, and the Spam Wars begin. Francis arrives as a direct threat to Egon, who only wishes to have board that could generally discuss anything. Whereas Francis wanted the board to only discuss Sloth related matters.
  • Egon creates the first VPC guild, with Trauwyn and Slinky on the council. The aim of the guild was purely to defeat Francis.
  • Omega joins this conflict, siding with Francis.


  • The Reformation Movement begins
  • The War escalates, and causes many accounts to be frozen. The Vpcers use alternate form of talking to confuse francis.
  • User Dianketo, formerly a spammer is reformed and becomes a VPC regular.



  • Caesar arrives on the VPC.
  • Goodship arrives on the VPC
  • Flamechampion arrives on the VPC
  • Luke arrives on the VPC
  • The Spam War, takes a different turn as a Trading Guild Board chatter arrives with his own friends, and wishes to take control of the VPC. Egon refused the treaty offered, whereas Francis accepted.
  • Caesar sabotages a guild led by Phantom after beating him in battle.
  • Charm with the aid of spies takes over a guild ran by Caesar


  • Egon sets a trap that would break the allegiance of Omega and Francis. The following causes an ever constant shift in power

The Great War


  • Egon held the most power by this point but in the end he leaves the VPC, and Trauwyn takes the reigns.
  • Magnafire19 joins, and in the same year makes the Resq Rangers HQ.
  • Resq Rangers HQ and Confederacy of the Separation from Neopia (CSN) go to war. Largely a propaganda war on the VPC. It culminates with the direct intervention of the Neopian Fiery Guardians, who destroy the CSN. The CSN completely is defeated on the 7th December 2007


  • The Resq Rangers Hq nearly ends up in a war with the United Sloth Loyalists. However, after Flamechampion and Wiz held talks. War would be averted, and Wiz would join the HQ.
  • Following the demise of the Darkness Minions, Alz creates the Dark Corporation and aided by the arrival of a Sloth Plot it becomes one of the strongest guilds on the VPC. It forms the United Minion Alliance with Fight Club, and Empire of Eternal Darkness. It becomes embroiled in the Great War with the Heroic Delian Legion (made up of the Resq Rangers, Anti-Sloth Academy and the Rebellion of Neopia strikes back
  • Neofiretamer reveals Wiz is an HDL spy to Alz, forcing Wiz to exit prematurely and only damage the guild layout. The FC and EED are defeated by the HDL but the Dark Corp's sheer numbers forces the HDL's surrender. This defeat would also signal the beginning of the end for the HDL, specifically the Academy would fall into inactivity.
  • The -SR- would later join the HDL. The -SR- would end up in a war with the Singularites. However, the Resq Rangers HQ refused to join in the conflict. Both guilds would fall. It's only later discovered by Magnafire that the Sings did plan on destroying the HQ.
  • The Resq Rangers HQ becomes the Armed Anti-Sloth Union. Signaling the end of the HDL.
  • The return of Caesar and his guild the Commonwealth would lead to a cold war/Endless Struggle involving the Armed Anti-Sloth Union. And would later see Ededdandeddy123456 betray the AASU, by join the CW.
  • The AASU was sabotaged Wiz, following Magna giving him admin. This also led to the takeover of smaller guilds that had become disused at the end of the Great War with the Dark Corp. The AASU would later bounce back from the brink of the death.
  • A new enemy arrived in the form of Nero (Imperator_Caesar2)
  • Nero's guild the Neropian /corrupted/ empire came into conflict with the CW, and at first the AASU looked too Nero as a potential ally in the Endless Struggle. However, Flame and a CW council member had became good friends, both guilds formed against Nero. who later formed Nero's empire.
  • The Neropian /corrupted/ empire turned out to be a trap guild, with Nero relying on AASU and CW spies infiltrating the guild. When it was abandoned, Nero changed it's name to the Foes. And as such eliminated the AASU and CW's spy networks. After this Nero told the AASU, CW and a new guild, the NND, that the war date would be August 8th 2008, the day after the AASU's first birthday. When the day approached however, Nero clamed he had killed himself by gasoline.
  • The Commonwealth would fall, and two of its members Ash, and Ed would form the Ministry of Evil. It grew rapidly and formed an alliance with the AASU and The NND led by Joey0baby. Together they would be known as the Alliance.
  • Nero returns, and forms the Foes. Once again he goes to war with the AASU. His sole battledomer is former AASUer Soccerguy, who had actually been recruited by Magna himself days earlier. Nero later leaves, and Blackice becomes its leader. However, she makes the mistake of handing leadership of the Foes to a spy. When Nero returns again he creates a third incarnation of the FOES! however, it doesn't last long.

Beginning of the Virtupets Union, and War with the Confederacy

  • Following the apparent demise of the FOEs, the active guilds on the VPC at this time, NFG, DC, USL, AASU, and MoE would all form an alliance. The Virtupets Union was born.
  • In retaliation to the formation of the Union. Three guilds form in opposition to later create the Confederacy (The Con). They were the Neopian Grand Village, The Forbidden Council, and the Foes.
  • Queen Crystal appoints Alz as king, in order to deal with the 'hit and run' tactics of the Con. The AASU and MoE together would operate as the 'lower' force. And would engage the Con directly.
  • To Magna's own surprise his guild is infiltrated by the Shadow King. He begins harassing AASU members before eventually being kicked out.
  • Later the AASU and MoE would formally separate from the Union, and create the Virtupets Alliance. It would have good relations with the VU, but never rejoin.


  • Magna steps down as leader of the AASU, and Goodship takes over, following elections.

The Beginning of the Dark Age

  • In January 2009, and following the deletion of the Acer board, they flocked to the VPC, and due to sheer numbers overwhelmed the VPC regulars. It was no fault of their own, they had nowhere else to go. However, whilst most VPCers didn't mind the new arrivals. Many began spamming the boards with 'VPC', it may have been intended to drive away the newcomers but it failed. In the end the Acers pretty much ignored the regular VPCers.
  • The MoE successfully takes over the Foes, then called the Confederacy. Thus leading, to its disbanding.
  • Queen Crystal of the VU and lolli, her trusted companion announced they would be leaving Neopets. And on the 17th January 2009 they quit. But not before, crippling the NFG, AASU, the Dark Corporation, and even deleting the United Sloth Loyalists.
  • In the aftermath of the Virtupet Union's desolation, the Virtupet Alliance stood alone. As such Ash declared himself the new King. He received the AASU's backing.
  • The AASU had begun recruiting again, when Alastor formed the Empire of True Evil. However, no war came, and contact was regained with all VPC guilds. In the end, the Union was officially disbanded. The aftermath of Crystal's actions would cement the beginning of the end of high amounts of activity on the VPC.

the Dark Age: Middle

  • In February 2009, the Defenders of the Good is formed again by Jeran after lack of success in December of 08. It forms an Alliance with both a returning Commonwealth and re-strengthened Armed Anti-Sloth Union.
  • Tensions rose between the AASU and CW, that threatened to undo the peace that had come since the fall of the Union.
  • The Singularites returned during this time.
  • Out of nowhere, the leader of the ETE is hacked. This leads the CW to supposedly claim on a board outside of the VPC that it might be the AASU. The AASU would demand an apology, yet the CW would deny these claims. Meanwhile, the Sings took over the EtE and deleted it. Surprising both sides. Tensions between the AASU and CW soon declined.

the Dark Age: End

  • The VPC began to recover from the dark age (Partly because some of the ACers had went to the new PC board) The AASU once again began to post boards along with the DC, NFG, and CW.
  • But after a while, the PC board was deleted, thus a fresh new wave of ACers returned. The VPC guild boards didn't last long. Eventually only the AASU stood up to the AC invasion. For a long while, the AASU was the only VPC guild, actively posting on the VPC. Then in late May, the AC opened, the ACers migrated back to the AC. The VPC dark age, ended.
  • In the later half of 09, a user Grey_and_Silver_ arrived and formed the Dark Empire. Bravely it announced that it had taken over the VPC. Tensions soon rose between the AASU and DE. However, nothing happened and both guilds became allies.
  • Wiz would return with the Order, following the demise of the Commonwealth.
  • The AASU then discovered that The Order had a few spy accounts in the AASU, following talks with Wiz, war would end up being declared. Goodship however wanted peace and eventually both sides agreed to peace.

A Haven of Prosperity


  • With the CW and AASU no longer causing issues for each other, the AASU expanded creating new alliances. And soon after, members of both the Order and the AASU joined the new chat group SUZZ.
  • With this a VPCer named Ash created the ~VPC Cafe~ and soon after its debut the AASU acquired it and made it the ~AASU Cafe~.
  • By late July in 2010, problems began to emerge. Ash resurrected the SE (Sloths Empire) and combined it and the Dark Empire to make the Villans Empire.
  • It was during this time that members in the guild Kingdom of the Stars began having issues. Its leader Star became power hungry, declaring herself to be regarded as queen in the guild, and later she and her brother Gabe would be frozen. Dragonman would end up taking over as leader. The AASU did not speak of the incident, due to not being sure who did it, that and the fact that there was a lot of Anti-AASU feelings.
  • Then an Order member, Vulture, A huge Anti-AASUer made a board daring the AASU to fight. The AASU largely ignored him. Wiz returned and apologized on behalf of the Order to the AASU. The AASU accepted and did not hold the Order responsible for Vulture's actions. However, increasing Anti-AASU feelings continued to cause problems for the AASU and Goodship.
  • After increased feelings of resentment towards the AASU, The Order announced it's departure from the VPC, without The Order driving conflict, the AASU went through a period of peace on the VPC. The AASU itself was the only active guild left on the VPC after The Order migration. With little entertainment, the guild was hit hard by a plague of inactiveness. The AASU idled for months and several important members, such as Flame, Magna, and Goody left.


  • After almost a year, however, Flame came back and focused on rebuilding the guild, after his first attempt failed, he left, leaving a user Jeran_4_4 in charge. Jeran, however, was not about to let the guild die.


  • Magna under the disguise of Maelstrom (an account he had made in 2010) returns to the VPC. He makes the guild 'Chaos Empire' with assistance from Goody's disguised side account in an effort to bring to some life back to the VPC. He is for the most part successful orchestrating alliances with guilds outside the VPC. He even used the EMS, to hide himself (later discovered by Wiz, and the others) but it worked for a short period. As there was not enough activity in general on the VPC to build the Chaos Empire. In the end Mael dramatically left Zazu as the Chaos Empire's leader. Later it would be deleted. Maelstrom would then be revealed as Magnafire19, although some had already suspected this, considering the large similarity in both names ending with 19.
  • Jeran during this time had also set out to find members for the Armed Anti-Sloth Union. Both old and new members joined, this led to him also being reacquainted with Magna, Goody, Albinala, and Wiz, as well as new faces such as Zazu and Kushoro. At this point, Flame had returned, and the AASU was again active. Plans where made to extend beyond the VPC, to boards such as the Guilds, EMS, and OW. However, they were never executed. The AASU celebrated it's fifth birthday on August the 7th 2012, one of the few guilds to make it that long and remain active, going through four different leaders in the process. The AASU would stand alone, as the only active guild on the VPC.
  • 2013-4*
  • The VPC is quiet now, over a decade after it was first released to the public. Currently only a handful of veterans remains. Such as Magna, Goody, Wiz, Locke, Flame (on occasion), and a handful others. Even so to visit there as a user, you see as Wiz best put it - 'Dust in the Wind'.

The End

  • 2015/2016*
  • Following a recent update, boards that had been on there for over a decade like the VPC and EMS have been deleted. All that remains now is the users that frequented the boards. That's all that now remains.

Final Note/ Thanks Edit

Firstly, thanks to Egon, who I recently got in contact with. As he has helped me to begin composing the history prior to 2007. The events after and leading up to and beyond the Sloth Plot were easy enough to recall as that's when I (Magnafire19) joined the VPC. Back then, posts were thick and fast. That's not the case anymore sadly. I should also thank Flamechampion94 (Flame) and Wiz for creating petpages regarding the History of the Armed Anti-Sloth Union and the Order. It helped massively. I should also add, Trauwyn, Leelana, Will, and Spider whose blogs and live journals helped me piece together some of the events in 2003/4. More people will be added in due time, as this wikia continues to grow. If you weren't a part of the VPC from 03 to present, then you may wonder why I made this wikia in the first place. But in time, and as you read. You will see why.

The VPC hosted many people, spammers, regs, veterans, antis, minions, and neutrals. It was essentially a massive cooking pot that could explode and when it did, a lot of stuff generally happened. I believe that perhaps if things had played out differently in 09, and Crystal and Lolli hadn't left. There would be more of us left. Certainly, the AASU would not have stood alone by 2013, again purely speculative on my part. Even so, it is a community I am proud to have met, and become apart of even if in my early months I was little warmongering idiot with the 'signature: ROAAAAAR!!!'. That I later changed as I myself began to encourage 'peace'. Not that peace and VPC go together, as you can see from the timeline.

It's also fascinating to see parallels between the past generation of Vets going as far back as when before the VPC was made public to the newer folk that joined the train. By that I refer to how the Acers arrival, is a contrast to massive unveiling of the VPC in 03. There's also the subject of 'Kingdoms', a common sight with the Union in 2008/9 and even events prior, going back as far as 2004, when the Reformation of the VPC began.

Anyhow, enough of my waffling, I hope you enjoyed the read. And look out for future updates

~'Magnafire19, The Magnan, Magna