The page is dedicated to the Guilds that occupied the VPC.

Minion Edit

Loyal only to Sloth, and all things evil.

The Commonwealth - Founded by Caesar

United Sloth Loyalists (USL) - ???

The Confederacy of the Separation from Neopia (CSN) - Founded by Evilgeneralgrievious

The Empire of Eternal Darkness - Founded by Shadow_Serpentine

The Darkness Minions/Dark Corporation - Founded by Aaalllzzz (Alz) in 2008

Neropian//Corrupted//Empire, The Foes I/II/II - Founded by Imperator_Caesar2

The Liz found by Liz

The Fight Club - founded by Potential_Ruler

The Ministry of Evil - Founded by Ash

The Confederacy - The combination of Neopian Grand Village, Forbidden Council, and The Foes

The Dark Empire - formed by Grey_and_Silver

The Sloth Empire/Villain's Empire - Founded by Ash

Evil Neopia (EN)

Anti-Sloth Edit

At the other end of the spectrum, Anti-Sloths are usually considered the good side.

The Resq Rangers/Armed Anti-Sloth Union - Found by Magnafire19 in 2007

The Neopian Fiery Guardians - Founded ???

The Rebellion of Neopia Strikes Back - Founded by No_More_Sloth888

Anti-Sloth Academy - Founded by Buffykid707

Nation of the Heroic - founded by Ed, later merging with The Commonwealth

Defenders of the Good - Founded by Jeran in December 2008

Neutral Edit

Everything that fits between

The Order - Founded by Wiz


The Virtupet Union is a significant point in the history of the VPC. It unified all guilds under one banner. It consisted of the Dark Corporation, NFG, USL, AASU and the Ministry of Evil. It was ruled over by Queen Crystal. The Union brought peace but that would later be disturbed by the Confederacy. Later it's dismantling caused the formation of Virtupets Alliance, with the AASU and the MoE, the only survivors of the collapse. Order would return but this change signaled a death knell. That the would VPC would never be the same again.

Organisations Edit

This section is reserved for Organisations that weren't necessarily connected to one guild in particular. The Union is exempt from this as it merely served to unite all Vpcers, the following Organisations had motives that involved espionage, and infiltration.

Neopia's Central Intelligence Agency (NCIA)

Organisation X: Illuminati