The Virtupet Chatboard is a place, that was once hidden on neopets. In 2003, it was made public, and from there involved into something quite special.

Minions, Antis and those that fit between Edit

The VPC, is a board of war, and as such it has three particular sides.


The Minions are loyal to sloth, and only him generally. But some are also supporters of general evil. They have a historic rivalry with those that consider themselves Anti-Sloth. This largely leads to war and acts of espionage. Minions largely dominate the VPC, well they did up till 2009. Presently, due to inactivity only a few minions now remain.


The Anti-Sloths would consider themselves to be on the good side. Individually they weren't the dominating presence on the VPC, but some guilds in particular, like the NFG (Neopian Fiery Guardians) were a powerful force for a long time. Since the NFG's decline, another guild the Armed Anti-Sloth Union, took up the task of dealing with the sloth minions. Currently both minions, and Antis coexist on the VPC.

Furthermore, the line between enemy and ally, was quite thin, as both sides formed alliances with each other.


If your neutral, then you stand in the middle, your not a true minion but neither are you Anti. You could also fit other types of neo users into this, especially if they are affiliated with other evil Neopians.