The following page, is about veteran Vpcer, Wiz.

Name Wiz - Alias: Mr_Boz, Villanova
Age ???
Gender Male
Date Joined Neopets 2001
Known for The founding of The Order, and his allegiances with both Anti/Minion guilds

Being Leader of the United Sloth Loyalists

Forming the United Sloth Loyalists V2

His rivalry with the Armed Anti Sloth Union (during both Magna'sand Goody's reign)

Creating the United Minion Alliance during the Great War

Leading the Confederacy against the Union

Biography Edit

Wiz joined Neopets in 2001, and became a Vpcer in the years that followed. His activity around then is shrouded in mystery following the opening of the VPC to the rest of the site. Wiz had at some point joined the United Sloth Loyalists and later became its leader. He has established himself as masterful spy, capable of infiltrating any organization regardless of their side in conflict. Due to this, he has gone through many accounts, and through them was able to operate a large network that could essentially be used sabotage or keep tabs on guild activities.

The USL and Resq Rangers Edit

When Resq Rangers and the USL threatened to lock horns, it was Wiz and Flame who negotiated a peace between the two factions. This would be the first instance of Wiz later aiding the Rangers in its endeavours, most notably during the Great War.

Wiz's Mr_Boz account was frozen in February of 2008. He would later return under a new name.

The United Minion Alliance Edit

Wiz formed the United Minion Alliance to cement his position within a rising Dark Corporation. The intention being that he would destroy the guild from the inside, however, the resulting implications of being exposed by Neofiretamer led to an early exodus from the guild, only managing to wreck the layout. It was enough to temporarily withdraw DC from the war, but it would later come back stronger and utterly destroy the Rangers, and the rest of the Heroic Delian Legion.

-SR- and Singularites Edit

Wiz would lead the -SR- into a war against the Singularites. Little is known what occurred during this war, but Wiz did wish for the aid of the ailing Resq Rangers, who refused to help. Both guilds would later die for unknown reasons.

The Commonwealth Edit

With the return of Caesar, and the Commonwealth, Wiz would use the trust he gained from Magna to put himself in a position on the Council. This move allowed him to wreck the guild even more, during a time when the AASU had already lost control of its bases. Despite this act, the Armed Anti-Sloth Union resurged, proving it was not that easy to destroy it.

The Confederacy takes on the Union Edit

Wiz's guild during this time, the Neopian Grand Village was strongly against the VPC Union and it's queen. It would align with the Foes, and the Forbidden Council. The alliance would be known as the Confederacy. The Con then launched into a series of guerrilla propaganda like warfare, employing hit and run tactics, which King Alz would later uncover. The Ministry of Evil led by Ash would eventually took don the Foes (renamed Confederacy) during the AASU's crisis with the Shadow King and with this, the Con disbanded. Wiz's activity during the conflict needs adding to

The Return of the Commonwealth Edit

Wiz would return once more as leader of the Commonwealth, and disagreements between them and the AASU would lead to a rise of tensions following the leader of the ETE being frozen. However, overtime the Commonwealth would fall into inactivity.

The Order Edit

In the wake of the Commonwealth's fall rose the Order, and unlike previous guilds this one would go onto become a significant power during the VPC's slow demise into inactivity. Unlike previous guilds, the Order/Knights of the Valor was neutral.

Tension between the AASU (led by Goodship at the time) and Order rose out of accusations that the AASU had been harassing Order members on the VPC boards. There were claims of espionage, with Wiz threatening war, however both sides would later encourage peace causing tensions between both sides to decrease. A truce was made, but things would never be the same between the two guilds.

With Wiz at the helm, the Order became a fierce battledoming guild, and following further disagreements with the AASU. It would migrate to the Battledome board. Nyx joined and aided Wiz in establishing an army.

Wiz would then become friends with the leader of LoTA, after meeting on a recruitment board. LoTA helped establish KoV (Knights of Valor) war rules and organize its members. An alliance formed between both guilds. Both guilds entered a friendly war, and it resulted with the KoV losing 123-23. During the phase after war, LoTA mocked and spread negative comments. The alliance was broken, and in its place stood an arch rival. In following wars, the KoV was more successful. Wiz later stepped down and Gizmo took the reigns. The guild won its first war and the KoV increased its reputation. Gizmo ended up becoming inactive, which meant Wiz retook the role of leader. The KoV was victorious a few more times until Wiz was frozen. Dan would later take charge.

Trivia Edit

  • Wiz has shown to be an effective leader, as well as spy. Most notable was his establishing of the Order.
  • Wiz was a significant part of the United Sloth Loyalists and also led its second incarnation
  • It's believed that he had an elaborate spy network in the early years of being on the VPC
  • He has been a constant rival and ally to the Armed Anti-Sloth Union.
  • He is one of the o0dest still active veterans.